East Zone USI


Abstract Submission


EZUSI members may submit abstracts for scientific paper presentation (in prescribed format) on-line to www.ezusi.org before 31st August 2023. Details are available in EZUSI website or contact Hon. Secretary, secretaryeastzone@gmail.com

It will be a peer reviewed selection of the paper of the competitive session.
Abstracts (in prescribed format) are solicited for the Annual Conferences of EZUSICON 2023 at Guwahati for presentation in one of the following sessions.

  • Podium session
  • Video session
  • Poster session


The scientific paper should fit into any one of the following categories that most closely describes the material for presentation which should be indicated at the appropriate column in the Abstract Submission Template.

  1. Basic Sciences
  2. Adrenal Diseases
  3. Congenital Diseases
  4. Infections
  5. Urolithiasis
  6. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
  7. Uro-Oncology
  8. Andrology
  9. Neuro-Urology
  10. Renal Transplantation
  11. Pediatric Urology
  12. Female Urology
  13. Reconstructive Urology
  14. Endo-Urology
  15. Laparoscopic Urology
  16. Miscellaneous

All abstracts should be original, unpublished work of the authors, with all listed authors (maximum six) having significant contribution to the completion of work. Abstracts for any type of presentation must follow the prescribed guidelines and should be submitted in the prescribed
format to the link available in EZUSI website, www.ezusi.org. The Abstract Submission Template can also be downloaded from this website

Submission of an abstract constitutes the author’s commitment to present the work if accepted. All expenses associated with preparation and presentation of scientific matter should be borne by the author/presenter.

Video presentation should be on a particular technique or method. All case reports should be presented as Posters. The first author should be the presenter; he/she should have registered for the Conference and should be a member of EZUSI/ applied for membership before 30th Sept 2023. Abstracts of the accepted paper will be printed in the Abstract Book by photo-prints. Therefore, authors must ensure error free text.
Abstracts not following the guidelines will be rejected. The last date of submission of abstracts is 31st Aug 2023.
Scientific papers will not be shifted from one presentation type to another. One first author can submit and present a maximum of two scientific papers only for the entire conference. Members, who fail to present paper after accepting, will be debarred from presentation for the next one year. Papers should not be repeated in different formats like Podium/Poster /Video. All papers will be reviewed by a panel of referees before being accepted. Notification of acceptance/rejection of abstracts and further details on presentation will be intimated to the corresponding authors sufficiently ahead of Conference.


Scientific papers for presentation during EZUSICON 2023 shall be submitted both on line and offline by downloading the website. First, download Abstract Submission Template from the EZUSI website. Please fill up the necessary details in respective fields in the Template. Go to the www.ezusi.org and navigate to Abstracts for online submission of Abstracts and proceed stepwise as indicated. Upload the completed Abstract Submission Template in the link. Once submitted, the authors will receive submission report from website. Additionally, the completed Abstract Submission Template and a copy of the submission report received by the author should be sent as email to secretaryeastzone@gmail.com

Abstracts should have the following style

The title should be brief and explanatory. The title should be entered in capital letters, 12 point size in Arial. Abbreviations should not be used and the title should not be center aligned.

Details of authors should be entered in the respective columns. Capital letters should not be used for listing author’s names. The first author should be the presenter; he/she should have registered for the Conference and should be a member of EZUSI/ applied for membership before 30th September 2023.

Institution, City, State, Country
This should be typed in the respective columns. The main institution where the work has been conducted should be listed. In case of multi centre involvement, name of the primary institution, where work was conducted should be entered.

Body of Text
The body of text should not exceed 250words (approx. 25 lines). The abstract should be informative and specific. The body must contain four separate paragraphs each preceded by the heading name a) Introduction and Objective b) Methods c) Results d) Conclusions. Standard abbreviations may be used but must be written in full at first use. Proprietary names of drugs are not allowed. Justification style of paragraph design should be used. Only Arial font of 10 point type size should be used. The text should be typed in single space without indenting paragraphs. One line should be left between paragraphs and abstract headings.


The scientific material should be as power-point presentation or video clippings. There will be provision only for single projection. There will be three timer lights shown on the projection screens. Green light will be on for up to one minute from the maximum stipulated time for presentation. This will be followed by yellow light for one more minute. After this, the red light will come on. 15 seconds later, the microphone will stop functioning.

Duration of Presentation for Podium/Videos and Poster
The duration for podium/video presentation is 8 minutes (5 minutes of green light and 1 minute of yellow light duration) + 2 minutes of discussion. The duration of poster presentation is 3 minutes/3 slides. Personal Laptops of the presenter will not be allowed for presentation. The material should be transferred from personal Laptops to the computers in the preview room before presentation. All materials should be submitted to the Preview Room on the previous day between 10 AM and 4 PM. Only materials submitted at the Preview Room will be permitted to be presented in the hall. Practicing or rehearsing of presentation during submission of material at the Preview Room will not be allowed.

Instructions for preparing digital media for presentation
Presentation should be prepared in Microsoft PowerPoint XP or earlier versions Only CDs and Pen Drives (preferably CDs) will be allowed for presentation. Video tapes will not be accepted. For Video clippings to run from PowerPoint presentation, it should be made sure that the Video
clipping is linked to the same CD. Only formats that are universally accepted by Windows Media Player XP should be used for preparation of Video clips because the Videos are specific to the capture cards used for preparation of clips. Video clips should be in PAL format and not NTSC
The CD should be test run in a computer which was not used for preparing the video. This is the only fool-proof method to know the compatibility of the video clips before presentation. It should be made sure that the material is virus-free.