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In 1991 a CME was organised at the Medical College, Berhampur. I was the organising secretary. Urologists from all over the country attended it.During a get together in the evening Dr.Ajit Phadke the then president of the urological society of India brought a proposal.He told that there are many eminent urologists who deserve to become the president of usi but unfortunately there is one post of president. Therefore if there could be four zonal chapters then there could be four presidents.For academic purpose the zone could be independent but they will remain as a part of the parent body of USI.This can also lead to development of urologu as those who can not attend the USI annual conference will attend the zonal conference and deliberate. Every one of us agreed with the proposal.It was decided that Bihar, West Bengal, Orissa, Assam, Manipur and other Northeast provinces will constitute the east zone.

Late Dr.B.K.Biswas was appointed as the coordinator for the east zone. He called several meetings of the representatives of the constituent states.Ultimately the Eastzone chapter was formed.The Southzone had an association,which took some time to call it the SouthZone chapter.Other zonal chapter were formed.

The first annual conference was held at Calcutta and subsequently at different places of the constituent provinces in turn.I was entrusted to draft the first constitution which was adopted by the chapter.Subsequently it was modified.The East Zone chapter is growing and gaining momentum. I wish it all success.