East Zone USI


President’s Message

Dear respected member,

I take this privilege to write my first communication to you as President of our prestigious Zone. First up, I would again like to thank you for bestowing upon me the honor to serve you. We have at present a very young and vibrant new team at the helm and very experienced and well meaning
person like you to help us do some work in the coming year.

Dr Harprit Singh, the dynamic Sardar, from Jamshedpur is our hony secretary. He has already started the ball rolling. To start with, we have identified a few problems which we would like to sort out as priority. Foremost being the anomalies in the full member list of our zone. Dr Harprit has already sent feelers to the
state chapters to identify the members in the state and send their relevant data so that necessary corrections can be made. Any questions, please address to the Hony Secretary, and they will be entertained immediately.

Of the upcoming events, the first mid-term workshop will be held in Guwahati in April 2014. The topic will be interesting and all of you are welcome.

Your suggestions and advice, to give a boost to the health and well being of our society, will be always welcome and we will try to address them and take them to their logical conclusions. All members are also requested to express their grievances if any to the hony secretary, and we shall try to find
an answer, over the year. May god bless you and your family.

Dr S J Baruah
President, USI East Zone

Prof S.J.Baruah
H.O.D. Dept. of Urology
Gauhati Medical College and Hospital
Guwahati 781032
Ph – 9864063724

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